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Symbolics sold several applications that were running on top of Symbolics Genera. Symbolics Concordia, a document production suite; Symbolics Joshua, an expert system shell; Symbolics Macsyma, a computer algebra system; Symbolics NS, a chip design tool. The Ivory instruction set was later emulated in software for microprocessors implementing the bit Alpha architecture. The "Virtual Lisp Machine" emulator, combined with the operating system and software development environment from the XL machines, is sold as Open Genera. Nov 7, Symbolics was neither. If Genera had been Free Software, it would by definition still be around today. If Genera had been portable, it's likely Symbolics would never have gone out of business (the Alpha virtual machine would have been done sooner, with less resources, and for more systems).

Feb 17, You're right it should have an introduction where it does mention what it is. This project might be in need of some love. Open Genera is the Genera OS[1][2] which used to be run on Symbolics Machine. Open Genera[3] is the Genera OS running in a virtual machine. [1] ?GeneraOs. Mar 29, From the early s to the early s, Symbolics, Inc. produced a line of workstations designed to run a highly advanced Lisp environment called "Genera ". What made these Lisp Machines so special was the combination of the powerful software running on top of very specialized hardware. GeneraOs (the operating system that ran on the SymbolicsMachine, written in lisp ) running on a VirtualMachine on a DigitalEquipmentCorporation Alpha. http:// · · http://pt.

Keep in mind that Genera was doing this stuff in the early 90s:) (Actually, the Symbolics system and Genera OS came out in ) (To be technical, the OS * branded* as Genera came out ~ - with the series? I can't seem to remember. Anyway, they were still using the codebase developed for the regular Lisp. Introduction to Open Genera. Open Genera makes Symbolics' Genera software environment available to DEC Al- pha workstation users. The host workstation runs its standard operating system software Digital Unix (originally called OSF/1 [ which was the Open Software. Foundation's POSIX-compliant UNIX.



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