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Rockman dx3

Zook Hero 2, also known as Rockman DX3, is a platform game for the Game Boy Color developed by. ROM Download for Gameboy Color Rockman Dx3. Rockman DX3 is a game on Game Boy Color, play Rockman DX3 game online in your browser using flash emulator.

Apr 14, Rockman DX3, also known as Zook Hero 2, is an an unlicensed pirate game developed by Vast Fame that rips gameplay off the Rockman X series. Just like Rockman X, there are eight stages, and six of them contain a boss who gives you his weapon upon defeat. The protagonist, Zook, also has abilities. Apr 1, Rockman DX3, also known as Rockman 3, Rockman X3, or Zook Hero 2, is an unlicensed pirate ripoff entirely legitimate game developed by Vast Fame Co. Ltd. , with game code directly ripped from gameplay inspired by both classical Rockman and Rockman X games. Its plot involves, uh, robots being. Play Rockman DX3 Online, play Rockman DX3 GBC / Game Boy Color game rom online through your browser using flash emulator, Rockman DX3 games online, bits.



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