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15w45a snapshot server

5 Nov Minecraft snapshot 15w45a Bugs fixed in this snapshot: game when used in a server IP; [Bug MC] - Items on top of lily pads dance. 26 Mar 15w45a is the thirty-ninth snapshot released for MC – Certain characters crash the game when used in a server IP. From the So we are doing a encore day with extra life and doing a snapshot server 15w45a. The server will be un-whitelisted while the admins are.

Minecraft version 15w45a, a new snapshot for Minecraft , has been released. Welcome to Oceanic Craft Previously Oceanic Craft was setup for being one of only handful of servers to provide server at the time when the DMCA went down over the whole bukkit issue. About half a year ago Oceanic Craft closed it's doors due to falling out with its staff internally. Is the thirty-ninth snapshot released for Additions Realms Added a Realms Notifications toggle to the Options menu, toggleable to ON and OFF. Changes Optimizations Tweaks to pathfinding and monster-AI. Some performance optimizations. Achievements Overpowered is changed from "Build a Notch Apple " to "Eat a.

Yet another livestream chunk from Twitch. I need more content for Youtube, so all my Twitch stuff gets sent here. Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube. com/user/approachingni Big Giant Circles I plan on doing live streams as much as .



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