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Minecraft zoo map no mods

Please make sure that your difficulty is not set to peaceful before you load the map otherwise the hostile mob section of the zoo will not contain any hostile mobs (for obvious reasons). Nailaoball, I was wondering if I could use this map to in my new minecraft modded adventures series to showcase the mo creatures mod. So I downloaded one of the best if not the best animals mod the Mo' Creatures mod by DrZhark and decided to make a zoo. Animals included at the moment I like ur idea, maybe when I finnish this one I start a bigger project based on a real zoo but not in this map there's no enough space left to do that. 1 - 25 of 12 Jun This is the Minecraft Zoo that I might include in my New Port City Map It has all kinds of mobs both hostile and regular mobs. There are places where you can interact including a working ATM Check it out through the map download link below. It has many different cages with more coming soon There.

25 Mar This zoo was made by A Weird Creeper me It includes ALL minecraft mobs from downward exept for the villager because I think it would be weird to put ' humans' in a zoo P The zoo should be played in but I think it's fine if it's in not sure though If you have any suggestions comments. This mod is trying to make the world full of wild and endangered animals. We are trying to put in animals that are found in a lot of zoos but are no. Zoo and Wild Animals Mod: Southeast Asian Survival Update - WIP Mods - Minecraft Mods - Mapping and Modding - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum. See more. Minecraft .



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