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It's been available to play on Steam for ages, but I find it hard to muster the enthusiasm to play a game from when I'm already behind with games from This week, though, I'm thrown a bone by Black Mesa, a total remake of Half -Life 1. 8th May Robert Purchese · Half-Life 1 remake Black Mesa out on Steam. “Making a game with the scope and scale of Black Mesa is a massive undertaking. Back in we made the decision to release what we had completed up to that point, and were blown away by the community's response, feedback, and improvements to our work. We want to keep that relationship alive and well by using. 14 Sep Black Mesa is a lot of things. It's one of the best mods ever made and a package that offers every Half-Life fan what they want. It's also a chance for newcomers to get to know a game that has been put on a pedestal over the years, in a relatively modern way. But more importantly, it's a very special and.

14 Sep The mega-ambitious, long-in-development Half-Life remake/tribute Black Mesa is finished, and you can download it from Gamefront right now and give it a whirl. You'll have to follow the instructions on the Gamefront page, as Black Mesa requires that you install the Source software development kit. 11 May The Crowbar Collective, Black Mesa's ragtag of part-time developers, working on this project for over ten years, haven't simply rebuilt the game anew in a fancier engine – they've done justice to the imaginative response the original game provoked in year-old me. At the risk of making exactly the sort of. 28 Sep Neither team knew of the other's existence until Leakfree's lead Jon Dominski began publicising in the , now forums. After discussions On May 5, , again at a.m. MDT, Black Mesa was released on Steam as an Early Access Game at the cost of 19,99$/15£/19,99€.

Want to get games (like Black Mesa!) while supporting a good cause? Check out ! Donate to charity, get points, get games with points. - Taking the idea of gaming for good to a new level, this project focuses on - Taking the idea of gaming for good to a. Black Mesa is a re-envisioning video game of the classic science fiction first person shooter, Half-Life.



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