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Also don't forget to check out the Cloud Sixteen forums for the OpenAura and Clockwork community. Being a Cloud Sixteen customer also grants you access to a support system, where you can get help from our staff if you're having trouble setting up or maintaining your schema(s). Clockwork will also officially supported by. Hey, I was wondering if someone could let me know how to set up Openaura and Half life 2 roleplay. Please keep trolling and off-topic posts to a minimum. somescripter. Profile · Search. 1. Avatar of somescripter. 6 years ago from United Kingdom. Toggle Code View. Clear Embed Visit. If you're an OpenAura customer, . HL2RP roleplaying schema for Clockwork. HL2RP brings to life the extensive and unique universe of Half-Life 2, and opens up a world of possibilities and players take up the lives of oppressed citizens and ruthless Combine forces. This is the original HL2RP gamemode for Garry's Mod, running on the Clockwork framework.

Thread Options. OPenAura HL2RP leaked. Spreads Like Herpes Offline rawr. Prestige: Posts: 2, Threads: Joined: May Reputation: · # 1. , AM. Anyone have a working version? I can't go past assigning my attribute points in the leak by (Maybe you can fix this?). 1, One. 10, Ten. VISCERATOR, ! ! Viscerator is hunting! M, M Disturbance by mentally unfit. , Got a here, send AirWatch for tag. , We have , Prepare for , , , Unit is , Dispatch, I need , officer in trouble!.



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