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17 Jan Transcript of Project Based Learning. Closing the Gap: Schools that Work but now I think. that I am responsible for guiding them while they take ownership for their own learning. I used to think . that I was completely responsible for my students' learning. is not about covering more content but more. 13 May Transcript of Project Presentation. By: Georgi Velev By: Evgeni Sabev By: Borislav Filipov Our current situation but? Our Mission The main purpose of. WED is to help humanity to realize that there is actually a process called " Global warming". Our secondary purpose is provide a global network of accurate. 16 Jun Project Based Learning in the Language Arts Classroom How Could You Incorporate PBL in Your Classrooms? PBL also lets students explore challenges, problems, and issues in a real and relevant way. It's so much more than just a research project! Just a Research Project PBL is in-depth exploration.

9 Mar Transcript of Project Based Learning. The process. Project Based Learning What is Project Based Learning? Begin with the end in mind. *standards *relevance * interests of students *length of project. Where Do I Begin with PBL? Rubrics Problem-solving guide. Reflection journal. Reflection essay. Welcome to Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter. Businesses all over the world choose Prezi to engage their clients, boost their sales or train their team effectively. Check out these stories of people using Prezi, and take your presentations to the next level! Gensler: From Presentation to Conversation · How Prezi has changed the way we pitch ideas. 11 December

3 Feb A presentation on Prezi presentations that will amaze and inspire your audience. 16 May REMINDERS Project B05 The private investigator. Students are expected to USE ALL THE VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR from Unit 1 and PICTURES for their presentation. TOPIC 1. Topic 2. My new friend. In groups: plan a party. Discuss the location, what you need for the party and where you can buy it. 2 May How to upload a Prezi Presentation on the Platform. Finish your Prezi Presentation and click on "Exit" How to upload a. Prezi Presentation into the " Project Activities" Copy the Embed Code clicking on "Copy code to clipboard" Then click on "Embed" Open "Who is who: the game" Click on: "Add web content".



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